drumbrake - Dust accumulates in the drums

When you begin to feel uneasy about driving your car because something doesn&China Brake Disc Manufacturers39;t "feel" right with your brakes, or especially when the warning light flashes in your dashboard, you are probably in need of some form of brake repair. Don't wait too long to have a trained auto mechanic inspect your vehicle. There are some problems that you can troubleshoot on your own, but most brake repair problems are complicated and you will need the help of an expert.

"Noise" is the most common sign of a brake problem. Here are a few reasons for noisy brakes:

Dust accumulates in the drums - When the brake shoes are worn out, dust builds up in the drum. Overheating - This happens when the brakes are cold and produces a slight squealing sound. Poor quality linings - Linings need to withstand the heat that builds-up after repetitive stops. If linings are of poor quality, they will wear out faster, meaning you will have to push harder and firmer on the pedal, taking a longer distance to come to a complete stop. Worn out pads - Pads are made from either ceramic or metal, with a sensor like a metal finger that creates a high-pitched squealing when it comes in contact with the disc. Missing hardware/loose connections - Make sure all hardware is in place and lubricated. Brake components should always be snug, tight fitting, and not movable with bare hands. Brake fluid low - If the fluid is lower than the required level, braking will not # be effective even when you press the pedal down to the floor. Water in the fluid will also cause problems.

There are other causes of noise that only a trained auto mechanic may be able to detect. If your brakes are squealing, whether from dust, weather, or normal use, it's always best to be on the safe side and have them checked out as soon possible.

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